Sedation Dentistry

Many people feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist. In fact, around one in ten people are so worried about seeing a dentist that they simply don’t go, and often end up in pain and needing a lot of restorative treatment which could otherwise have been prevented.

At Bricket Wood Dental Practice, we always do our best to put nervous patients at ease and make their experience as enjoyable as possible, so that they are able to see us regularly and avoid any major oral healthcare problems. We are sympathetic, compassionate and understanding, and are happy to spend extra time to work at your own pace, while offering gentle encouragement.

Intravenous sedation is a way in which very nervous patient can be sedated and relaxed for treatment without the need for anaesthetics, it will quickly make you feel drowsy and calm. You will be conscious throughout the treatment and will be able to co-operate with the dentist, although usually patients remember very little of this afterwards. We have in-house specialist dentists to provide this service for our patients.